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Principal's Message

Dear PS/MS 206 Families,


Welcome to the PS/MS 206 Website – Home of the Tigers! My name is Camille Forbes, and this is my 12th year as the principal of our school. We are proud to offer our students services through Integrated Co-Teaching and Self-Contained classrooms, an ASD Nest Program, and a Dual Language Program in grades 3 – 8.


Our goal is to provide a well-balanced, quality education that is their bridge to opportunity and success. To meet our students’ needs, our programs focus on a standards-based, rigorous curriculum that motivates and inspires students to make connections between our school and their future. Positive relationships with significant adults provide support and direction to our students. The programs at our school focus on students’ strengths and build self-esteem through meaningful and challenging opportunities, leading to authentic achievement. Preparing our students for College and Career continues to be at the foundation of all our work. We strive to enhance each child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth. We envision our students becoming responsible thinkers and productive members of society.


PS/MS 206 is a Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) school and it is based on four core values: Cooperation, Responsibility, Empowerment and Determination. We value social emotional learning and incorporate research-based strategies into each school day. Our staff is collaborative, and we work together to create an inclusive, equitable, welcoming and affirming school environment for our students, in which each child receives what is needed to be successful. Staff, parents, students, and community create an environment that maximizes the unique needs, interests and abilities of each child. We strive to enhance each child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth. We provide extensive opportunities for student engagement, elevating and respecting students’ voices and perspectives, empowering them to enjoy increased agency and ownership of their learning experiences. Together, we strive to achieve success for all children.


We recognize the importance of collaborating with our families and creating strong home-school connections. Our Parent Coordinator, Stephanie Rymer, serves as a liaison between the families and the school community. We also have several structures that enhance and strengthen ongoing communication with our families. For example, we have monthly Parent-Teacher Association meetings, monthly School Leadership Team meetings and monthly ASD Family meetings, in addition to the many day-to-day opportunities for ongoing communication between staff and families.


We look forward to working with you so that our children continue to achieve at the highest levels and enjoy their learning experiences during this academic school year.




Ms. Forbes