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About Us

Mural of Jose Celso Barbosa

The Jose Celso Barbosa building, founded in 1967, is in the East Harlem community in New York City.  The complex, named after the prominent Puerto Rican physician, sociologist, and political leader Jose Celso Barbosa, houses the PS 112 and PS / MS 206 school communities. The PS/MS 206 entrance is located at 508 East 120th Street.


The 206-school community includes a primary school (grades 3-5) and the Middle School Academy for Social Justice (grades 6-8).  Members of our diverse learning community are committed to creating an inclusive and nurturing learning environment where all members are supported to reach their full potential. Our school community prioritizes supporting students' physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth. 


Specialized programs at our school include autism spectrum disorder (ASD) NEST and Dual Language programs. The students in our NEST program benefit from our small class sizes taught using the Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) model. Implementing this model ensures that each of our ASD Nest classrooms is led by a general and special education specialist. The ICT teaching model is also used in all our middle school classrooms. Our dual language program is designed to support language fluency instruction in English and Spanish. Students enrolled in this program (grades 3-8) receive 50% of their instruction in English and 50% in Spanish. PS/MS 206 offers the only 3-8 Dual Language Nest Program in New York City.