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Digital Learning Devices

Get information and support for DOE-loaned and school-based devices.

Your DOE-loaned iPad or Laptop

iPads should remain with the student they are assigned to in order to engage in remote learning. If there is a change in the student's residence during remote learning the iPad should remain with the student, and should be used primarily inside the residence to prevent unnecessary damage.


Be a Role Model: 4 Ways to Balance Screen Time Around Children

By Common Sense Media | October 14, 2022 One of the advantages of modern technology is that you can be at the playground and scroll through your phone at the same time. We've all been there. We answer emails, catch up on group chats, and try to get in that one last text.


Back-to-School Reset: 4 Tips on Managing Devices and Screen Time fo...

By Erin Wilkey Oh | August 1, 2022 It's that time of year again -- kids are heading back to school! For lots of reasons, family routines can get disrupted during the summer, from morning routines and bedtimes to TV and video game limits.


Parents' Ultimate Guide to Fortnite

What is Fortnite? What is Fortnite: Battle Royale? Do you play by yourself or with a team in Fortnite: Battle Royale? What if I'm not ready for the action of Battle Royale? What is Save the World? Why is my kid so interested in playing Fortnite? Is Fortnite appropriate for kids?


My Kid Seems Addicted to Their Phone. What Do I Do?

By Common Sense Media | December 16, 2022 It may seem like your kid is addicted ( and may even "feel" addicted) to the phone, but it's more likely normal teen behavior. Teens check their devices frequently and feel pressure to respond quickly to messages. And their friends tend to take priority over everything else.