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The Association to Benefit Children (ABC) Clinic provides a full range of mental health services and an array of therapeutic modalities including family therapy, individual psychotherapy, play therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and group therapy for our students.


ABC’s school-based services provide in-school access to quality mental health treatment and promote an informed, educated school community grounded in social emotional wellness. In addition to crisis intervention, counseling, and support groups for students, staff carry out a wide range of activities including capacity building among faculty, parent psychoeducation, classroom observations, and faculty consultation. By bringing these services directly to where children are, they are organic to the school environment and thereby less stigmatized.


If you have a question about ABC’s services at PS/MS 206 please email: [email protected]

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Center for Educational Innovation partners with Community School 206 to provide several programs to support the school in achieving their mission and school year goals.

Our ​vision is that the school should be the center and driving force of public education, innovation, and reform.  Every Child deserves a quality education.   Our mission focuses on equity and innovation, CEI works directly with school leaders, teachers, students, and families to create high-performing schools in under-resourced communities to help children succeed. 


The CEI programs include: CEI afterschool program for elementary students, Learning Ally reading program, Wall-4-Change and Benchmarks Arts education program, E-sports, Robotics, Harlem Magic Masters, Mentoring in Medicine, Art of Stepping, and The College App .  This year we also have Project BOOST which is an enrichment program for our middle school students to help them gain skills and talents necessary for long-term growth and success.  One of CEI's biggest focus for the 206 community is improving school attendance by providing supports to students and their families.


Lenore Estrada is the CEI Community School Director at PS/MS 206 [email protected] (212) 860-5809 ext. 1373

Lashana Turnier is the CEI Community School Specialist [email protected]


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Overview of Union Settlement 

Union Settlement is an on-the-ground resource for residents of East Harlem of all ages and a passionate advocate for the needs of communities. We offer a comprehensive After-School Program that supports our communities, with programs and activities to provide opportunities for our inner-city youth and communities to flourish by developing their Social and Emotional Learning, STEM, Team building, Physical Education, and Literacy skills, to build better lives for themselves and their families.


Our Partnerships 


The Betty Jean Brown Foundation is empowering children and teens in food deserts with nutrition education and access to produce. As part of brightening the lives of others, Betty Jean Brown provided for the education of those she loved, passionately shared her love of Southern cuisine, and ensured her patients were comfortable and happy. It is quite fitting that Betty Jean Brown Foundation continues this legacy of brightening the lives of many through nutrition and love.



Art Therapy is a distinct discipline that incorporates creative methods of expression through visual art media. Art therapy is a creative arts therapy profession therapists use to help our participants interpret, express, and resolve their emotions and thoughts. Participants work with an art therapist to explore their emotions, understand conflicts or feelings that are causing them distress, and use art to help them find resolutions to those issues.


Elevate Education helps students develop proven and effective study habits. Students are often expected to know “how to study”, but rarely are they able to develop best-practice study skills on their own. Elevates a mix of high-impact student, faculty, and parent workshops that help schools create an environment of best practice, leading to lasting behavioral change for students.



The Betty Jean Brown Foundation is a children's charitable organization dedicated to addressing the impact of poor nutrition in underserved communities. Childhood and adolescent undernutrition have been linked to obesity, illness, and behavioral issues. Our organization partners with produce vendors (The NY Common Pantry) and community-based programs (e.g., Union Settlement, Center for Educational Innovation and Banda Television) to realize our mission of combating these issues by providing nutrition education and access to produce to NYC children living in neighborhood that have limited access to fresh and affordable produce. Over the last two years we have made bi-weekly fresh produce deliveries to families within the 206 community.


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The Phil Ramone Orchestra for Children enriches children's lives by tapping into their creativity and joy through the transformative power of music to provide cognitive, social, and emotional growth, in turn building confident students, strengthened families, and connected communities.


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The Hort LogoThe Hort inspires PS 206’ers during the school day and after school with our hands-on curriculum. Students learn how plants improve the air we breathe, the water we drink, and how we eat. Thinking outside of the classroom box, we delve into the school garden where we stimulate curiosity and provide a hands-on nature experience. In our classes we foster curiosity through nature walks, pumpkin studies, and plant-based cooking.  Studies show that gardening promotes positive social and interpersonal skills, healthy eating, longer attention spans, increased literacy, optimistic learning attitudes, environmental stewardship, artistic expression, and engineering skills.Students posing with pumpkins


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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to inspire and empower all young people to take control of their future. We envision a world where everyone has access to an equitable path to success.


Roads to Success uses proven positive youth development and growth mindset practices in a Project-Based Learning environment. These practices culminate in the development of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) core capacities known to increase self-confidence, graduation rates, and overall future success and well-being of young participants.



RTS EXPLORE is Roads to Success's model for youth in grades 6-8 that focuses on collaboration and passion exploration. This program is fully funded and free to all participants. Through project-based instruction and social-emotional learning (SEL) activities, participants:

  • Learn community orientation
  • Foster social and emotional competencies and physical well-being in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Gain opportunities to explore their interests and creativity.
  • Build skills that raise their expectations and confidence.
  • Cultivate youth leadership and community engagement.